Company Registration: Now At Your Door Step!

Company Registration at your Door Steps !!

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Manage Your Compliance provides the service relating to company registration, GST registration, ITR filing, LLP registration
Register your Company now and that also at your doorstep!!

Manage Your Compliance is an online platform which provides the Company registration service. In addition, we also provides post-registration compliance services including auditor appointment, director appointment, share issue and commencement of business.

You can register your Company without visiting any office especially at the time of pandemic. We at Manage Your Compliance, provides quality registration service as well as other services through fully online medium. You need not require to step outside as well as visit any office for your Company registration.

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Here, everything will be done through online channel only. Hence, no need to visit any office for documentation or other procedural work.

Furthermore, all the required documents will be exchanged through online medium only. Similarly, you will get your incorporation certificate at your registered e-mail id.

Accordingly you will be more safer to start your own business. Therefore, it is a right time to Register your Company with the Manage Your Compliance Team and build your Entrepreneurship.

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Private CompanyPublic Company
Minimum Directors0203
Minimum Shareholders0207
Min. no. of Directors and Shareholders required for Company incorporation in case of private Company and Public Company.


1.Self attested copy of PAN and Aadhar Card of all Directors and Shareholders
2.Contact details and Email ID of Directors and Shareholders
3.Ownership documents of Registered Office
4.Utility Bill of Registered Office
5.Photographs of Directors and Shareholders
Details and Documents required for Company Registration


After Company registration there are several post-incorporation compliance. Such after company incorporation compliance are as follows:

First Board Meeting: The Company shall hold its first meeting of the board of directors within 30 days of its incorporation.

Auditor Appointment: The board of directors shall appoint first auditor of the Company within 30 days from the date of Company incorporation.

Issue of Share Certificates: The Company shall issue share certificates within 60 days of its incorporation.

Commencement of Business Certificate: The Company shall obtain commencement of business certificate within 180 days of its incorporation. The Company cannot start its business without obtaining such certificate.

Opening of Bank Account: The Company must open its bank account to do future transactions.


Disclosure from Directors: Every director must disclose its interest in Form MBP-1 in the first board meeting every year or whenever there is any change in the previous disclosure.

Statutory Registers: The Company shall maintain all the required statutory registers at the registered office of the Company.

Filing of Form DPT-3: All the Companies having outstanding amount or loan as on 31st March of every financial year is required to file Form DPT-3 by 30th June every year.

Director`s KYC: Every director of the Company is required to file the KYC of the Directors in e-Form DIR-3 KYC to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs every year by 30th September every year. If director already filed e- Form DIR-3 KYC in previous year and there is no change in the information provided then that director only needs to file web service form DIR-3 KYC Web in place of Form DIR-3 KYC.

Books of Accounts: The Company is required to maintain its proper books of accounts which must reflect the true and fair view of the Company`s operations.

Annual Compliance: The Company is required to file annual compliance forms such as Form AOC-4 and Form MGT-7 every year.

In addition to this, there are several event based forms which Company is required to file at the particular events such as director appointment or resignation, regularization of additional director, change in registered office etc.

Manage Your Compliance Team provides the quality post registration compliance services.

Benefits of Company Registration

Separate Legal Entity: Firstly, a Company is a separate legal entity. It means owner of the Company, except or otherwise provided, cannot be held liable for the act of the Company. Therefore, owners are only liable to pay the amount due on share subscribed.

Organized Form of Business: Furthermore, a company is an organized form of business. A Company consider as more accepted legal entity as compared to other form of businesses.

Easy Fund Raising: In addition to above mentioned benefits, raising fund through the Company is easier than any other form of business. Banks favor a Company more than a proprietorship while providing loans.

Startup Registration: It is the most important benefit for the startups. In brief, it is necessary to register your Company to avail the benefits for startup provided by the government.

In conclusion, Company Registration is an important step to start a business or build your own startup. Anyone who wants to start his or her business in the without involving in routine and time consuming office visits and physical documentation can contact us for better and fastidious incorporation service.

Furthermore, we also provides the compliance related services. For instance, ROC Annual Compliance, quarterly and half yearly compliance.

Moreover, we also provides the service relating to Auditor appointment, change in registered office, appointment and resignation of directors etc.

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