What An Employee Really Wants?: The Unsaid Truth

Have you ever wondered what your employee really wants from the Company? What an employee really expects whether consciously or sub-consciously from your organization? Why an employees usually quits and what you can do about it?

What An Employee Really Wants?: The Unsaid Truth
What An Employee Really Wants?: The Unsaid Truth

What An Employee Really Wants?

Before discussing about what your employee really wants, you need to understand the basic thing that every employee is an emotional being. An employee needs all the things that any other normal individual wants in his/her life.

Every Company needs to understand what actually motivate its employee to work in the Company for longer period. Like every big and successful organizations, every Company wants to retain its employee for long term.


Yes! It’s all starts with 3R’s i.e., Remuneration, Respect and Recognition.


Your employee needs a well paid salary package so that he/she can live his/her life comfortably while working with your Company. Every person works for the salary that can give them a reputable life and also fulfill their needs.

There is one fine example of a Company named Gravity Payments which is currently paying its employees $70,000 p.a. as minimum wage. The employee retention ratio is quite high in the said Company. It would definitely improve the quality of life of its employees and motivate its employees to stay with the Company for the longer period of time.


The atmosphere of the working place is another motivating tool to retain an employee for the long run. Every employee runs away from the organization where he does not feel comfortable or respected. Every employee needs respect and highly cooperative working conditions as he needs to spend round one third of his day in the Company. He should feel motivated, respected and being comfortable in the office in that time. It starts with giving respect and giving them the favorable and comfortable working conditions to work properly.


Recognition is another important thing that every employee wants from his employer. Every person needs appreciation and recognition for his work. It gives them a motivation to do work more hard. Like we have already discussed earlier that every employee is an emotional being and the Company should also fulfill its employee’s emotional needs.

So, to keep your employee turnover ratio low and employee retention ratio high, you need to keep working on 3R’s.


Apart from 3R’s, there are other equally important factors that can help the Company to retain its employee. These factors are related to the above 3R’s but still have its own importance on the employees.

So, let’s discuss about the things your employee wants consciously or sub-consciously that no one talked about. We will start with the case of the newly hired employee so that you can properly understand the feeling of an employee. Only after understanding your employee you can really understand that what you should do to retain your employee for the long run.


A newly hired employee would get comfortable and motivated if he knows what he is really doing at the work place. It can only be possible if he gets proper training at the starting of his job.

A well informed employee is an important asset to any organization and if the Company provides him proper training at his beginning of his office journey then it would motivate its employee from the starting.

A well conducted training helps the employee to know the organization better. It also helps employee to understand the working culture of the organization.

A good training and development not only motivates your new employees but also helps your existing employee to learn and grow during their tenure. It will also increase the sense of satisfaction while working with your organization.


Cooperation is another motivating tool that encourages the new as well as the old employees to stay in the organization. The flow of cooperation must be start from HR Department and continues with their own department as well as other ancillary and supportive departments.

Always remember no one wants to work in the organization where he does not the support. Don’t forget at the end it’s the work of the organization that needs to be done and not any personal work of any employee. So, it should be done effectively and efficiently and it can only be done if your employee is getting support from others.


Breaks are important part of any employee daily office routine. Whether its a tea break or a lunch break, it gives an employee to take a short rest from work. It also boost the energy of an employee to take a fresh start of the current work.

The key point to be note down here is that all the breaks should be non-disturbing. Employees should not be called by his employer even from the client during the breaks unless it’s highly urgent. If your employees are getting disturbed in their free breaks then they will get frustrated for not getting their short relax period.


Getting easy leave for personal things is what any employee expect from his organization. On different point of time, employees needs break from the work and spend the quality time. Giving your employees easy leaves is another motivating tool that can help to have high retention ratio.


Please remember no employee wants to get exploited by the organization. If you make your employee to work beyond office hours, it creates the sense of getting exploited in them. It would encourage your employee to search another job.

The working hours of any employee should be fixed as everyone needs to get a proper work-life balance. Further, if it is a need to do overtime then it needs to get compensated accordingly.


Yes! This is so true!! If you want to keep your employee with you then you must have give your employee an easy exit. Employees make their perception of the Company from different factors including how an organization treats its ex-employees.

If an organization does not treat its ex-employee properly then it means that it would do the same with other employees. There must be an easy exit system for all the employees. There must be a proper and well timed Full and Final (F&F) settlement system for the ex-employees.

So, don’t make your ex-employees feel as their worst mistake to join your organization in the first place.


Always means always make your employees feel special. Organize games, quizzes and events in different occasions. Reward your employees on their achievements. It is very important that your employees feel special and spend quality time in the work place. It helps in enhance the sense of satisfaction of employees at the work place.

There is a quote saying “Love your job but don’t love your Company because you may not know when your Company stops loving you”. Now, it’s time to make your employees believe that your Company also loves them.

Every big and successful organization which value its employees have its unique USP which helps them to retain their employees. So, what is USP of your organization and whether is it enough to retain your employee?

In case at any time you need a professional help to make your organization more employee friendly then you are most welcome to contact us at [email protected]. Till then Love your employees and let’s make your employees to love your organization!

Always remember! Every employee is an asset to an organization.

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